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Ciolino & Onstott helps companies and individuals throughout the United States, and internationally, navigate the complexities of running and growing their business from start-up to exit. We strive to provide legal services that add value to your business. We focus on client education and solutions-based representation. We want you to understand the legal issues facing your business so that you can make educated decisions, and work with you to find a path to accomplish your goals rather than just saying “no.”

When you have a plan, we have the knowledge and experience to put those plans into action. Give us a call today for a free case evaluation, and get you the help that you need.


We have helped dozens of businesses get off the ground by advising them regarding formation, financing, marketing, intellectual property, and growth strategies. We also offer flexible fee arrangements and payment options so that you can get the advice you need without restricting crucial cash flow. If you need help starting up a new business, contact us for a free consultation today!

Growing Businesses

Growing your business is very exciting, but it can also be very scary. Whether you are worried about hiring or firing employees, protecting your intellectual property, drafting or understanding contracts, new and changing regulations, acquiring or selling assets, or any other matter, we are here to help. We can give you peace of mind by educating you on the topics that stress you the most, helping to find solutions to your problems, and implementing those solutions. Call us or use the link in the top-right to schedule a free consultation and we can get started.  

Acquisitions and Exits

Ciolino & Onstott has helped numerous business owners negotiate purchase or sell assets and business interests, including by assisting with marketing, diligence, negotiation, and closing. Whether you are a company trying to expand, or an individual looking to liquidate your business interests, contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help.

Louisiana Reporting and Registered Agent Service

We will file your annual report and act as your registered agent in Louisiana for a low flat rate of $99, costs included. With this service you never have to worry about your charter being revoked for failure to file an annual report, or missing any legal notices. You can also set this service to automatically renew, for the most hands-free experience.

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