My greatest joy as an attorney is helping my clients find comfort and security during challenging times. I provide this support through both estate planning and probate legal services. When my clients need estate planning or probate services, they are often struggling with issues of death, loss, aging, fear, and uncertainty. It is my job to help them achieve certainty, clarity, and calm by guiding them through the choices and processes at hand.

As an Estate Planner, I help my clients evaluate the roles of their family and friends and their assets and debts. I then advise them regarding key decisions involving who should be entrusted with certain responsibilities and obligations and how property should be distributed.

When clients need succession or probate assistance, I counsel my clients by gathering the necessary information, working with creditors and heirs of an estate, and navigating the opening and closing of the succession. My goal is to provide clarity, efficiency, and support to an otherwise overwhelming process so that a family can focus on overcoming grief and emotionally supporting their loved ones.

Together, we can overcome the legal challenges that accompany death and dying and help you and your family focus on what really counts.


Max earned his Bachelor of Arts in 2011 from Loyola University of New Orleans, where he majored in Sociology and Political Science, with a minor in African and African American studies. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, where he earned a Master of Science in Education degree, with a focus on Education Policy in 2012. He then attended Tulane Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in 2015, along with a certificate in Environmental Law. Throughout his collegiate education, Max was heavily involved in student organizations, student body governance, and non-profit organizations that served the community. His community service included serving as a tutor and a teacher's assistant in public schools in New Orleans and West Philadelphia, where he taught reading and math to students aged six years old to eighteen years old. He also worked with community beautification programs to reduce litter and improve the sustainable practices of New Orleans.


  • Attorney - Louisiana State Bar Association - 2015


  • Co-Chair of the Solo and Small Firm Committee for the New Orleans Bar Association
  • New Orleans Bar Association
  • Jefferson Bar Association

Awards and Recognition

  • Louisiana Super Lawyers Rising Star 2021-2024


Primary Practice Areas